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" We have been considering buying a house."


  why I cannot use "to buy" in this sentence?

asked Jun 06 '14 at 18:08 California Chen New member

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Your sentence is in the present perfect continuous tense. The grammatical pattern is Subject + have/has +been + Main verb+ing. When you say, I have considered to buy a house, it implies that you have stopped something else in order to do the verb in the infinitive. Suppose I say: I have been considering buying a house implies that you consider doing something it means the verb in the gerund is the thing that we do.


Verbs followed by gerunds often have a meaning that expresses attitude or opinion about the following activity. Verbs that are followed by the gerund will help you understand better. 1. Miss 2. Consider 3. Appreciate 4. Delay 5. Deny 6. Detest 7. Dislike 8. Postpone 9. Admit 10. Finish and so on. For certain verbs, either a verb is followed by an infinitive or the gerund.

link answered Jun 07 '14 at 09:28 Sanjay Expert

I highly appreciate your answer of my question.

California ChenJun 10 '14 at 07:40

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