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she spends money. Is this a correct sentence? if not then tell me the correct one.

asked Jun 05 '14 at 06:07 P.joshi New member

P.joshi--your sentence lacks context and needs a modifier to give it meaning. For example: "I breathe air." If I just said this, it would not have context, but if I said "I breathe air to survive." The infinitive "to survive" gives context to your simple sentence. "She spends money." also lacks context. "She spends money because she has it." incorporates and adverb clause modifier to give context. Functionally, you have a sentence when you have a subject performing a verb. Jack pointed that out below.

Aaron PrejeanJun 22 '14 at 19:40

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She (subject) spends (verb) money (direct object).  This sentence is correct.

link comment answered Jun 12 '14 at 00:35 Jack Morais New member

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