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This is a part of my essay :


 By the definition, a real justice must base on a standard that is communal justice rather than tribal justice. From the Greek Mythology, there has a narration,  the revenge of Orestes, which is dealing with justice. According to this myth, the protagonist, Orestes, kills his mother, Clytemnestra, revenging for his father.


 The reason why  Orestes needs to commit matricide is Clythmnestra has killed her husband, Agamemnon, for revenge her own daughter, Iphigenia, who is sacrificed on the altar by her father. In this case, Orestes has done nothing wrong, for in ancient Greek society if a family member is killed by someone, the duty of revenge is on the oldest son. 


 Merely in the viewpoint of the Furious, the tribal goddesses of revenge, can agree with the action of Orestes, for they are killing the person who kills blood kin.


Question 1 

 The system asked me to remove the comma between "revenge" and "can", in trird paragraph.

But I want to write a insert sentence between "the Furious" and "can",to explain what "the Frious" is.


Question 2

 I want to express that the Furious cannot agreen with the action of Orestes. So, I use Merely..........can agree with. Am I right?


Question 3

 May I use "Present tense" to describe all of plot from mythology or a book?


Question 4

 The system also asked me to remove "why" after "reason". Should I do that?


Question 5

 " Clythmnestra has killed her husband, " 

   This sentence is correct? Should I change "has killed" to "had killed"?


Thanks A Lot 

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