Which one is better?  


Mark,  have you got any bread for the sandwiches?  or 

Mark  have you got  some bread for the sandwiches?

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The following   is part of the Heinemann English  Grammar by  Digby Beaumont and Colin  Granger ( both native speakers ) and this is what they say about some and any (pg 177 )

We normally  use ANY  in OPEN  QUESTIONS  ( when we do not expect a particular answer)

Have you got any  writing paper?
Is there any tea in the cupboard?

But we often use SOME in questions when we expect people to say “yes”

Have you got some paper I could have, please?

We also use SOME  in questions when we want to encourage people to say “yes”  for example in REQUESTS and OFFERS :

Can you let me have some paper?   How much do you want?
Would you like some more tea?       Oh, yes, please.

The Heinemann English  Grammar  Digby Beaumont , Colin  Granger  HEINEMANN 1992  

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I think  any is  more correct because we don't expect a particular answer. 

I think this is an open question and not a request.


Have you got any bread for the sandwiches?  OPEN QUESTION  

Can I  have some bread for the sandwiches ?  REQUEST 


What do you think?  Thank you!  

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