How to choice a word instead of a repeated word?


Hello every body. I'm learning English as my third language and I have many problems with grammar. I'm going to write an Email and I have trouble with using repeated words! How could I solve this problem? for example I'm copying a part of my Email :

I'm very interested in Philosophy, Economics (especially Austrian economics), and Epistemology (especially Hayek's one) and...
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Thanks Jeff, My question is about using one instead of economics in "especially Austrian economics" or instead of epistemology in "especially Hayek's epistemology". We have a grammar rule in Persian that "never use a word repeatedly in a same sentence." For example economics and epistemology above.
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and 'especially'

Tony ProanoApr 23 '12 at 08:18

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You are right Jeff, Thanks a lot.Do you know any book to improve my scholarly writing school? Please introduce me. :)

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I always say, "The thesaurus is your friend." I love a good thesaurus. For a quick search, is easy to use.

Patty TApr 23 '12 at 19:36

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Is this - grammatically - right to write "Hayek's one" instead of "Hayek's epistemology?
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Mehdi, see my additional answer.

Jeff PribylApr 24 '12 at 20:49

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