This pursuit to maintain equal...


I was wondering if the word pursuit as a noun can be followed by to V? When verbs are followed, should we use "to" or is there a meaning difference between "the pursuit of revising it" and "the pursuit to revise it"? 


And to infinitives can function as an obkect of nouns like "the study of it is..." 


This pursuit to maintain equal or higher levels of income and purchasing habits as others around us (or “keeping up with the joneses”, as the common expression goes) turns life into a never-ending competition.


How can I understand the to infinitive phrase? Does it functions as an object of the noun pursuit or an equal to the noun pursuit or for the purpose of the noun pursuit?


What do you experts think? Thank you so much in advance.

asked May 26 '14 at 12:54 Hans Contributor

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