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. At the beginning of this module I thought it was difficult to prepare a good lecture this is because several of reasons, such as different learning environment For example, different teaching system. Also the diversity of the students in the classroom they were from different countries, In addition when  I realized that I have to take into account the teaching and learning Which I studied and apply it to my lecture.

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At the start of this module, I thought it would be difficult to prepare a good lecture because of several  reasons such as: different learning environment,  different teaching system, and  the diversity of the students in the classroom.  In addition, when  I realized that I have to consider the teaching and learning methodology which I studied and applied  it to my lecture.

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The self-Learning or training helped the staff in the organizations to progress, as per mentioned in the research for “Process on E-Learning Outcomes in Organizational Settings  “ Zeing wan; 2012) that the employee training became the important point  in the organization for enhance the production.

The faster progress around us in different channels technologies, editions, informatics, creativity and studies, bearded us to follow up and update our organization by enrolling the employees in any domain or  in any department in  training and push them to learn any new what’s up . For  apply their knowledge in their works and be more flexible to learn more, all reflect in the incoming of the organization and increase her profit.  

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