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There are all kind of ways to use a comma. I got that. What I'll never get is how to use them correctly at all times. I had this same problem before and canceled. I'm not asking how to use commas here. What confuses me is that I will put commas in and the program does not flag them. I will take those same commas out and the program does not flag it. It doesn't seem to care either way. What does it mean? Does it mean that it doesn't matter? Is it up to me if I want one in the particular spot. I need to know because it leaves me unsure. If I can take them out I'd be happy to do so. Is the program confused? Does it not matter? I'm repeating myself here but I went through this the last time. I was putting them in and taking them out. It seemed as though the program changed its mind as often as I did. Putting them in and taking them out again or not caring at all. Sorry about all the missing commas. Thanks, Janet

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