How can this sentence be rephrased to appear less combersome?


Therefrom, effects on the turnover process can be inferred that are caused by the presence or absence formal structures. 

rephrase readability asked May 07 '14 at 05:29 Frank New member

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Hi Frank! It's difficult to reword your sentence without knowing the subject but here's a suggestion:


Therefore, the turnover process effects appear to be caused by the presence [or] absence of formal structures.


If you add more details about your subject, the sentence will be clearer and make more sense. I hope this helps in some way!


Good luck!


:D  'ding'

link answered May 09 '14 at 20:58 Karen OKeefe Contributor

Thanks, Karen! I like the 'appears' approach instead of insisting on 'inferred'! Really helped me! Best, Helge

FrankJun 04 '14 at 09:00

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I'm glad that I could be of help to you!!  :D



link comment answered Jun 05 '14 at 20:18 Karen OKeefe Contributor

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