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No matter how many coipies of APA books I own I always have citation problems. ( APA format incoorect). I have just completed a 25 page stynthesis paper . It is a paper that reflect back to old course that I did work in as far back as 2010. The paper was completed and turned in for review. It had some monor problems which I have corrected but it also indicates problems APA problems with my reference page. Not sure if that includes the citations within the body of the paper. Most are old as I said from work completed years ago. I am looking for someone to correct all APA issuues, tha's all!I do not want anything else changed in the paper because even though the paper is ridiculous in my opinion, it is written in EXACTLY the format they want, so I do not want ANYTHING else changed. Can I do this? The paper has almost 7000 words and no more than 10 02 12 citations in it.Can you do it and how much would that cost?

asked May 03 '14 at 14:31 Julie Richman New member

Julie, there are no employees here on this community forum. Formatting citations is a matter of style, not grammar. You are in luck, though. Many universities provide free citation generators to students -usually through the school's online library resources. Some may require that you are enrolled to have access. Find out if your school has this resource. If not, there are some that are free to anyone. Just search online. Some are probably better than others. When I was working on my MBA, I used the citation generator for every citation in every paper. The generator had fields to enter the information, then it showed how to cite within the text or on a reference page.

Patty TMay 03 '14 at 16:00

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