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Initial demand of PPT towards port charges and plot rent upto September, 11 was ` 15.80 Lakhs (approx.) which was reduced to ` 7,37,094/- due the rigorous efforts of the Branch by which Plot got cancelled from retrospective date 30.06.11 and accordingly  charges were levied upto 30.06.11 instead of September, 11 .

Branch is of the view that the above demand is of statutory nature and the amount towards the demand should be paid on immediate basis to avoid any complications and imposition of penalties, interest.  Port Trust can put all operation (export/import) under suspension and also put on hold our import/export consignment in absence of above payment.



1 Branch in view of COM directives has put all efforts to recover above amount from M/s Shaping Dream but could not succeed.
2 Branch also vide their letter dated 10.01.12 has requested Paradip Port Trust for waiver of above demand but PPT has not considered for waiver.
3 If STC fails to pay above amount of ` 7,36,094/- + interest,  Port can resort to suspension of operation including putting on hold import/exports consignment.

In principle approval for payment of ` 7,36,094/-+ interest to Paradip Port Trust may please be accorded.  A COM note shall be put up after the approval of the matter in principle.

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