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I often receive the message from Grammarly "incorrect usage of Latin abbreviations". today this is come up with my using Mr without a full stop/period after it. Now Mr is the abbreviation for Mister the usage of which was first noted in the 16th century; Mister is hardly a Latin word.


In addition, I was always taught that if the abbreviation ends with the same letter as the full word you don't need a full stop/period.  For example, Dr is a correct abbreviation for doctor but Prof. is the correct abbreviation for professor. Why doesn't Grammarly allow me to put Mr, Dr, etc. into my Grammarly dictionary so I don't get all these messages?


I am not going to change my approach to abbreviations, and Grammarly would help me a lot more if it allowed some flexibility in this area.  It would also be better if Grammarly could distinguish better between Mr – which is not an "incorrect usage of Latin abbreviations" since Mister is not Latin and e.g. which actually is a Latin abbreviation.

abbreviations Latin asked Apr 27 '14 at 01:20 Leon Le Leu New member

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