Would someone kindly advise if the use of the hyphen is correct in the phrase below, which describes the cleaning process for shop-primed steel in a bullet point style?


'Shop-primed steel: sweep-blasted to SPSS-Ss or power tool-cleaned to SPSS-Pt3'

The full meaning in prose is:
To clean shop-primed steel, the surface must be sweep-blasted to SPSS-Ss standard or power tool cleaned to SPSS-Pt3 standard.


It would be easier to write 'cleaned by power tool', but the client has this phrase translated in a number of documents so we have to stick to the style.


Many thanks for any help. 

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It is very good and fine in the way it is written!

link comment answered Mar 20 '16 at 18:16 MidnightWriter213413 Contributor

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