My salary is over / about $1000 .


The speech part of about and over is a preposition here in the examples, right?


My salary is over $1000 / My salary is about $1000.


Can we not say over and about are adverbs like 


My salary is almost $1000 / My salary is nearly $1000.


Some teacher says, 'Over' is a preposition. With the 'be' verb, no adverb is possible.


However, as far as I know, adverbs also can be put after be like I am home and I am here.  


Although I agree with 'Over' is a preposition', I don't think that 'With the 'be' verb, no adverb is possible' is good to explain why over and about are prepositions and they can be also labelled as adverbs like almost and nearly, right?


Or could you explain why about and over there are prepositions but almost and nearly are adverbs there and do you agree with 'Over is a preposition. With the 'be' verb, no adverb is possible'?


What do you experts think?


Thank you so much in advance.

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