What word would we use for the person who stays in a hostel?

Word Usage asked Apr 16 '12 at 11:54 Rahul Gupta Expert

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Hosteler, or Hosteller, is perhaps the most correct, but guest fits the bill. Also a lodger, a patron, a stayer,  or an overnighter (if only staying over night).


I am wondering if the German word they are looking for is vögelfrei??

link edited Apr 17 '12 at 01:21 Tony Proano Expert

vögelfrei sounds like it, Tony, thanks.

Lewis NeidhardtApr 17 '12 at 02:14

I'm glad to help. I dated a German gal in High School, and her dad always called me that.

Tony ProanoApr 17 '12 at 08:07

Thanks Tony, it's hosteler used as hosteller in British, I recollected it.It is used for both who stay at hostel and who operate the hostel.

Rahul GuptaApr 17 '12 at 11:01

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