Identifying and Non-identifying Adjective Clauses


Here is the sentence."When we get together, we like to talk about the old days when we all lived at home."Should there be a comma after "days?" I don't think so. I have no idea what "old days" means unless the adjective clause gives me more information. On the other hand, if I were talking with some friends, they might know exactly what I mean. Can an identifying or non-identifying adjective clause depend on who it is being said to?While you're at it, here's another one."My sisters and I shared a room where we spent nights talking."Should there be a comma after room? I look forward to your reply.

commas asked Mar 11 '14 at 23:21 John Stevens New member

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I wouldn't put a comma after either of those adjectival clauses. You're correct that the adjectival clauses provide necessary information.

link comment answered Mar 18 '14 at 05:15 Dr. G Contributor

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