Palagrisim and Grammer issues


Further to the above subject, I have enrolled in england university to a master program for six month. I have raised assignments / Writing papers / Homeworks by daily basis.

I dont knew exactly if your program (Check plagiarism, check grammer and  change the construction of sentences ) will be work as an open sourse during a daily basis.

How long time will you take to correct each assignment/Homeworks ? and who will correct it?

How many words maximum can I raise in each assignment and how much maximum words can i raise in each week or day.?

How much cost of your program (Check plagiarism, check grammar and change the construction of sentences ) in each month or per year ?

Could you correct one assignment / homework as the test prior to paid money?


Best Regards.


asked Mar 10 '14 at 10:49 Mohamad New member

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