My goal I have is to be a math teacher: I am really excited to finish my career. I know I need to overcome a lot of obstacles. These obstacles that I cannot move how are stopping me and I do not what to do. But one thing I know I can fight with many problems I cannot give in because if I down, it’s my end, maybe I do not want follow what I want to do. Sometimes I just want to give up, but in my mind, I just say to myself “do not give in. This is the beginning of a new life for a new future for me, I cannot trash my efforts.” I am in El Paso Community College I am making my goals. My only goal is to be a math teacher. All I want is to get an excellent job, and have an excellent life. Teaching math is my dream and teach what I learn in high school or college it’s what I want. That’s awesome, some days my students will love math and when they grow up they will have their career and they will say, “Thank you for all your development and everything you taught me.” “My favorite teacher Ms. Trujillo this if for you.” That sounds good. And that is how it is going to be. So I will start now. I am so excited, to make my dream real.Obstacles all always there I cannot do anything for erasing it, but I can push this obstacle I ignored them. I’m never going to give in I will move forward look front ways and walk to the door because the door is always open but you need to go inside a make your future. Sometimes I think I will go down, but if I think positive I can go forward. I always need to say “I can, everything is possible.” Just look front and do what I want to do.One obstacle I can post. Bad people front school told me “you cannot do everything right, you will never smart enough to achieve anything in life, and you will always a loser.” This person just want me breaking down, there is no place to hide, there is nowhere to run, just I feel I do not belong with them, but I am stronger I can show them I am doing what they told me I cannot. Now I am here I start my new goal, so I cannot break down for people just won't hurt me. So what I am doing now? Now I am making my life, start my new life, I am working so hard to be someone in this world. Many problems are there, but many solutions are there too. I am in El Paso Community College I am taking my basics my classes is too hard more than high school, a lot of homework I am doing, a lot of study time I am doing but one thing I need to sacrifice me to be successful in the world. I like my classes what I am taking. I put all my efforts, my attention. It’s not easy to have a career, but it’s not impossible. I am going to be a math teacher and study more for being professional career. This is my goal this is I want to do. So if someone tells me it’s not a good career, I will said, “you are nobody can tell me what is a good career you are nobody can control my life so please close your mouth and do something productive in your life and leave me alone, I do not tell you what to do, so please just support me that’s all I want.” My goal what I define me is my efforts do not judge me what I am looking outside. I articulate what I am saying. I am feeling good with myself, that’s all import to me. If I am good with my success, I am good what I am taking for my goal. I am ready for all bad are coming to me, I am ready to fight with whatever is in my way. I know how I am

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Sometimes I just want to give up, but in my mind, I just say to myself "do not give in.
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