Please tell me how many appositievs are in each sentence.

1. As she slept in her bed, she dreamt a dream. 2. Her dream told her that many people here in Hawaii do not have all the money that she has. 3. As she woke up, she figured out for herself that changes would happen. 4. She opened up her closet and found the clothes that she felt would match with the other students. 5. She also told her chaugger that she would walk to school, since it was only down the street. 6. Walking to her first class was a breeze, just a repeat of yesterday yet she felt as if she “blended in.” 7. She no longer stuck out like a sore thumb and no one seemed to give her sly comments. 8. She actually made a new friend that she got to eat with during lunch. 9. Walking back from school, a thought struck her mind. 10. She realized that many people in her new environment had less than her, and she needed to change her perspective on things. 11. She got a warm feeling from within her to donate all of her clothes that she no longer uses to Good Will. 12. She started to blend in with the crowd more at school and more people liked her for her personality. 13. She realized that what was on the outside was no comparison to what was on the inside. 14. Changing her whole outlook on things, she realized that inner beauty defeats outer beauty every single time. 15. She did not need to impress anyone with all her expensive clothing and jewelry and that people would accept her for who she is on the inside, despite what she wears on the outside. 16. Starting her new life as a student at Waipahu High School did start out as a very rocky ride, but after she put her mind to it, she realized that life is what she makes of it. 17. She creates her own destiny and only her. 18. From that point on, she walked to and fro from school everyday and started living with a perspective in mind that there is no need to dress to impress. 19. She made more friends in school and soon enough she knew her whole grade. 20. Everything seemed to fall into place.

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