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Sexualization of Girls
Antonio Eaddy
DeVry University

Sexualization of Girls
What do you really want for your child? A motion that comes to the heart of parents, raising a child, anticipating to be soon parents or even trying to be a parent in this macrocosm of  an adult twisted reality. Times have changed; sexualized images have become the focal point of The Average American’s scheme for cash. Every child dreams of being the next Beyoncé or Nikki Minaj. As I mull over the same query, I just so happen to look out of the window and notice the change in direction our society is moving in. Image has become everything without it you are nobody. Currently, clothing determines the image your child presents. The less skin you cover, the more accepted you are. The sluttier your dress the more desirable you are. The definition of a woman has changed, now a woman is identified by her body, the way she dresses determines the way people accept her. Growing up make-up, false nails and hair extensions was a portion of a woman’s casual attire, but now it’s embedded in their closet. Objectifying girls have become America’s playground for cash and virtual reality to advertise young females.
Sexualized images and false perceptions of girl power like make-up, false nails and hair extensions has become the focal point of a child’s attention and should not be what a child bases their values off of. We the people have the power to shift the direction our children are going in to prevent children from selling their souls to get ahead. We hold the ability to alter the definition of selling yourself to its intended definition of… And not according to the definition common today involving profit and personal gain.
       Objectifying girls has become America’s playground for cash. The intended audience has become younger. Today, these girls are selling more than their mind and body also their souls for a life in the spotlight. Marketers, strategizing, and promoting sexualized identities and false perception of womanhood to increase sells. Rappers selling their own personal sexualized appetites of what a girl looks like better yet dresses like. America is driven by money and capitalization. A major issue that has arisen over the years because their choice of marketing strategies has changed, it’s all about profit and personal gain at whatever expense. They use woman as objects of attraction demoralizing them to increase wallet. The sexualization of the youth has crippled the youth into a state of socialized repression and identity suppression. The sexualization of girls has negative effects in a variety of areas, including cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, sexuality and attitudes and beliefs.
The virtual world is an imaginary playground where one's imagination could go crazy. Where developers focus more on the physical structures of the fibers to make players a more realistic tone. Video gamers use that world to produce and develop characters in tight clothes and spandex outfits to grip and keep the attention of the gamer. The virtual world allows gamers  embodiment through the player’s use of identification with the in-game avatar. The avatar contributes to the sexualization of females because the virtual world allows females a sense of power and escape, from the norms of society where they feel less control and on equal level as the man. The virtual world allows women to correct the damage of their own physical structure.
The intention of this proposal on the sexualization of girls is to convince readers that sexualized images are tainting our children. To strengthen parent’s awareness of the messages our children are receiving from the media. The problem and its outcome also the solution I will explain and support with my research. Even though regarding this topic, I’m a novice, but I’m likewise a parent first and foremost, I care profoundly about the figures portrayed in the sexualization of females. I  will present various sources that will fill-in and support my position regarding the sexualization of young women through the ideas of APA (2007), Redgrave and Limmer (2005), (DOH) Department of Health (2007), Buckingham and Bragg (2003), Holland Et Al (1998), Lamb and Browns (2006), Hill Collins (2006), Rose, T. (2008), DfES (2004), DCSF (2007), Levin and Kilbourne (2008), and Reay, D. (2001).
  Everyone is affected by the sexualized images and false perceptions of girl power displayed in the media, from the children and their approach to life problems in school, the workplace and the community. Every kid is a dupe to the messages these images are depicting. Adults began to be led during their youth, to their younger standard of their estimation of what beauty is. The drastic increase in sexism is changing our society. That change is crippling our youth in numerous ways, now fewer young women are pursuing careers in academic subjects. Even men are struck; it makes it hard for some men to find an unobjectionable partner or to fully indulge in, and enjoy, the affection of a female spouse.
Problem Analysis
The problem is that the media is limiting these young ladies’ horizons by portraying a false image of success. They are falling short, fast by believing that hooker skirts and stripper shoes can grow them further than education ever could. The media shows that “only by being socialized could girls occupy a space to misbehave and/or be assertive (Reay, 2001) The problem transpires from marketer’s scheme for cash by means of advertisements. The manipulation of these advertisements, give young girls and woman the” perception that with a sexualized identity give them confidence and power to take control in a way that’s SOCIALLY REWARDING” (Buckingham and Bragg, 2003) Targeting the oppose gender with the slogan “SEX SELLS” because “in today’s media it is possessed of a sexy body that is presented as woman’s key (if not sole) source of identity” (Gill, 2007). The media are “sexualizations begets of sexual behavior which brings about a host dangerous mental health effects encompassing everything from contagious acts of self-harm, to crippling depression and even thoughts of suicide”(Rush and La Nauze, 2006: APA, 2007; Durham, 2008; Oppliger, 2008; M. Hamilton, 2009a, 2009b)
Another problem regarding the sexualization of girls would be video games. Objectifying women have become a major event in the game industry because “Objects are important to sustaining social cohesion, as they mediate and communicate feelings and stabilize social connections” (Latour 2005: 63–86). So players search for avatars that are strikingly beautiful, so “The players tend to push for avatars that match more of western ideals of beauty” (Ducheneaut et al. 2009) Females began to link their avatar with their actual life “This is a concern because hypersexualization in virtual environments has been connected to rape myth acceptance and the objectification of women” (Fox and Bailenson 2009; Fox et al. 2013). Even men fall a victim to the virtual world because “Heterosexual men spend more time watching attractive female facial expressions than other faces, and seeing attractive female faces activates the neural reward circuitry active in drug use and monetary rewards” (Aharon et al. 2001). The woman suffers from unequality with a man in the real universe, only in  the virtual world “Women traverse game spaces on an equal basis with men, whereas this is not the subject in real life because women Sometimes feel threatened by the men’s behavior” (Taylor 2003b: 32). Through the virtual worlds players are allowed to take to life, what is viewed uncivilized. They are able to live out their fantasies “Video games bring into account access to gender identities that are often socially Prohibited or deligitimized offline– simultaneously sexy and powerful aura masculine and beautiful identities” (Taylor 2003b: 27). Through the virtual world players gain the confidence and power needed because “Video game help rectifies gender imbalances, women report feelings of liberation, self-esteem, and newfound strength from burlesque and pole-dancing classes” (Regehr 2012; Whitehead and Kurz 2009). It allows players to be who or what they want the “Virtual worlds serve as a space where one can experiment with different  identities” (2012: 294). Women suffer from confidence and self-esteem issues where as in the virtual world they are driven by choice and faced with a second chance to live out their desires  “Avatars offer choice and the desire women players  yearn for” (Taylor 2006: 111). The virtual world allows gamers to recreate their self image to what appealing, so “Gamers are more intuned to games that have ample options for self-presentation” (Park and Chung 2011). Since woman are deemed unequal in the eyes of man they rely on the virtual world to provide a sense of equality “Video games help women to acculturate to and succeed within ‘predatory’ environments” (Bertozzi 2012)
The best response to resolve/prevent the problem of the sexualization of girls would be my idea called R.E.P which stands for Re Establish Power. The program centers on how the influential factors from peer and culture impact sexual behaviors, how to make safe choices, and what constitutes a healthy relationship. The organization’s key ingredient is the three C’s; Courage, Choice and Change. Courage- the power to face danger, trouble, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being distracted from a chosen form of activity. Choice- a decision to choose one thing, person, or course of action in preference to others. Change- to become unlike, or construct something or someone different. They teach kids to take command of their life through the who, what, where, when and why, the perspective of marketer’s explaination of the ends and outs of advertisements. The organization stands for R.E.P for a better day, Reach a better tomorrow. The center structure of the program is focused on the parents because the parents are major inspirers in children. Encouraging parents to let the cat out of the bag, take heed, take queries and encourage their kids. The program design is to reestablish the way children think by administrating self-assessment test. The program encourages children to be different and open their eyes to the world of manipulation created by marketers’ marketed messages. The program shows woman that there are more to life than a body. Your image is more than a paycheck. R.E.P support campaigns and companies and wares that promote positive images also complain to those responsible when products sexualize kids,
In order for my plan to work we need to consider the cost to open a youth center for the kids. The first alternative would be considering linking up a pre-existing organization One of the gentlest ways to initiate a youth center is to bring together an existing organization because the cost to construct one is roughly $150- $200 per square feet so the best wager is to target a community or religious programs in your area to insure who is needing care of children. The second step is to hold a public meeting to raise interest in starting a center. Ask local community advocates as well as leaders of other local charitable organizations for support. The next step is to start a group or team to set up and operate your youth center. This should be followed by  establishing a mission, statement and goals and objectives, including the function and goals of the youth center. The next step is to figure out the needs of the residential area and find solutions to help the local youth file for non-profit status, contact the Internal Revenue Service about becoming a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. This will allow for fundraising as a charity, receiving donations to run programs, and gain tax exempt status for the organization. The most difficult one of all is finding a facility or building for your routine to confirm your planned activities and to carry out your goals. Also factor in the location, costs, and safety when choosing a place. Recruit volunteers and eventually hire staff recruit dedicated, reliable people volunteer at your heart. As soon as your youth center has a steady income, hire paid, educated, qualified employees. Keep your staff happy and feeling like they are a meaningful component of the squad. Get insurance you’ll need at least general liability, building and hazard insurance for your facility. Contact local authorities to find out about whatever other insurance needs fundraiser solicits donations from corporations, government agencies and individuals from the community, commonwealth and federal informants. Hold events to raise money to run your youth center.
I think this plan is the best design to decrease the sexualization of young women because the construction of the plan design is modernized for the kids by the kids because kids know what children want. The program increase access for children to athletic and other extracurricular programs that produce the feeling powerful. Teaches comprehensive sexuality education programs which deal with the subject. Create positive messages for kids by creating alternative media to counteract the sexualized image in major media Forums, research, and feminist activism to create awareness judgment.
Let's help our children reestablish power. Let's place an end to objectifying our children and uplift our children. Let's feed our babies the chance they deserve. If we act fast, right here and now we can shift the direction of our society back into the hands of the community. Leaving children to express their wide voltage by taking on the consequences of the sexualization of girls now we advertise a healthier life for you and your children. 
If you're tired of the sexualization of girls promoted by America, then let’s make a stand. Let's set an end to the sexualized media messages are destined for our kids. It’s time to reestablish power to its intended holders. If you are interested and support my ideas, contact me at  and join the fight for a better tomorrow. The time to take action is, now let’s create options, change and opportunities for the hereafter. Support R.E.P and Rep for a better day Reach a better tomorrow.



References Coy, M. (2009, November) Milkshakes, lady lumps and growing up to want boobies: how the        sexualization of popular culture limits girls’ horizon. Child abuse review 18, 372-383 Egan, D & Hawkes, G. L. (2012, May). Sexuality, youth ant the perils of endangered innocence:        how history can help us get past the panic. Gender and education, vol. 24 (3), 269-401.        DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2012.666232    Geraci, R. M. & Geraci, J. L. (2013, Sept) Virtual gender: how men and women use videogame        Bodies. Gaming & virtual worlds; Vol. 5 (3), 329-348 DOI:10.1386/jgvw.5.3.329_1 Kehily, Mary Jane (2012, May) Contextualizing the sexualisation of girl’s debate: innocence        experience and young female sexuality. Gender and education 3, 255-268 Ringrose, Jessica & Renold, Emma(2012, May) Slut-shaming, girl power and ‘sexualisation’:        thinking through the politics of the international slutwalks with teen girls. Gender and        education 24, 333-343 Tolman, Deborah L. (2012, February) Females adolescents, sexual empowerment and desire: A        missing discourse of gender inequity. Sex roles 66, 746-757. DOI: 10.1007/s11199-012-        0122-x  

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2. Workplace Gender Inequalities in India
In the present scenario, presence of women is growing in the workplace and a workforce. Women are associated with every aspect of the life. Often they are discriminated in the political and public sectors. They actively participate in the workplace. In every sphere they are striving for getting equal priority for the work done and believe to be the similar workforce. However, women are generally paid less and are discriminated in the workplace. This has resulted in the optimizing their abilities and potentialities. The major gender inequalities in the workplace are explained below: 
2.1 Disparity in Payment, Maternity leave and allowance
India is regarded as the worst performing countries which is ranked 114 out of 142 countries in the data of World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index 2014, scoring below the averages with the consideration of factors such as educational attainment, economic participation, health and survival. Even though India is fostering in the development of technology and economy, women are facing inequality in the case of earning.   Inequality of pay stands as the major barrier to gain economic advantages for women. Male and female undertaking the same work is not provided with equal pay in the context of India. According to a study, gender pay gap was nearly 54% for years 2006 to 2011. Hence, women inequality to pay has serious implications on women empowerment making them vulnerable to explore economic opportunities. Huge inequality in wage payment between men and women is apparently seen in India. Despite women great contribution in the agricultural sector, they are not provided with the fair wage (EQUALPAYPORTAL, 2015).  In manual operation, research data revealed that women were paid just 55 as wage payment where men were provided 103 wage amounts. 
Figure: Gender Pay Gap in India (Ray, 2015)
Nevertheless, the organizational implication of this inequality in the pay gap between the male and female in different fields of the Indian economy can even be much disastrous for organizational performance(Pathak & Singh, 2011). When the women are paid less as compared to their male counterparts despite of the same or even more brilliant contributions in the organizational efficiency and effectiveness, the direct impact can be seen over the motivation of such female employees(Swart, 2015).


2.2 Unemployment and Biased occupational Segregation
2.3 Discriminatory recruitment practices
2.4 Inequality in Payment of Wages
3. Factors of reducing discrimination
4. Application of improvement factors by India

5. Conclusion  

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