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Hi Marilyn; For clarifications, I would like to bring up to your attention few details in regard to the Stadiums lock up and more: I am fully aware that I need to lock up and alarm the Stadium, if I was the last person to leave the venue and I am willing to participate to the best of my ability during my employment at the ASB Stadium Fitness Club and taking into account that I am usually precise and meticulous in the way I manage it, on the other hand, if the manager is not happy with the way I am putting it into practice or I am not closing up in accordance with his standards and expectations, as I heard him saying many times that he always want a proper lock up, as he sounded to me that he doesn't trust the way I handle it, which is fine with me and it does not bother me at all, however, my suggestion is that he will need to look for someone else to do it instead, by the end of the day, I do not wish to compromise the security of the building, as it is of a top priority to us and I am saying that for the benefit of the business To sum it up: I am just making it clear here that, if he will mention to me that I have to lock up properly and no issues are meant to be associated with that, my reply will be ( If he doesn't like the way I manage it and with all my respect to him as a manager, he can look for another capable person to do the job ), as it is unlikely that I will make mistakes unless someone else who has had the access to the premises and has sabotaged something and after I would have left the venue.. Moreover, there are some doors that are facing the car park behind the Stadium and where the van is usually parked that are not secured and maybe they need to be more stabilized and I noticed that when I was checking them few times and that could facilitate an intruders access to the building, in other words, it would be easy for a strong person to break the door and that could lead to a theft and the staff who closed up that night even, if he/she has gone through a proper lock up that person could be liable for any losses that were associated with the robbery, I am taking this worst scenario into consideration in order to avoid any bad consequences that are related to that and I thought that I would let you know and from the safety point of view and I am happy to show you or him exactly what I mean here and referring back to my e-mail that was sent to the manager on the 13th of January this year To sum it up: I do recall that Murray mentioned to me that I will not be responsible for any theft and after I would have locked up, as long as I have closed up accurately, however, you never know what will happen in the future and I might be apt to unnecessary interrogations, even If was precise in terms of the closing procedure and I might need a written document not because that I do not trust anyone, though, I just want to protect myself from any bad consequences I would like report something here; On Sunday the 25th of March and during my work shift, I was heading to the vending machine to get something, I couldn't see the water spillage on the floor, I could have lost my balance and injured myself ( Safety Hazard ), I think it is coming from underneath the machine, anyway, I was so lucky that I maintained my stability and you might see me via the Surveillance Camera wiping the excess water with a towel, as I thought of the others safety as well and maybe this is something that could be taken into account by the management for future prevention... To sum it up: I would personally trace down the main cause of the water spillage in order to prevent any unwanted accidents Another thing, any security matters that I might encounter, as I am opening the Stadium on Monday early morning, I will either inform you or him The main purpose of making things clear here in order to avoid any confusion, issues and misunderstanding in the long run, as I do not wish to compromise the good relationship between myself and the management AT ALL and I thought it would be a good idea to contact you first, as the manager doesn't want me to approach him directly and according to our discussion on Monday the 19th of March.. Thank you for your time and I do appreciate your support and cooperation, as you and Kisi are making it easy for me to maintain my employment at the ASB Stadium Fitness Club Best Regards Rayan-Tarik

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This is, by far, the longest run-on sentence I've ever seen!


Unfortunately, we don't check documents of this length.  You might benefit from the Grammarly checker, though.  You can find it here:

link answered Apr 11 '12 at 02:02 Jody M. Expert

Impressive, in its own way.

Tony ProanoApr 11 '12 at 02:07

Perhaps his keyboard is malfunctioning, apparently the PERIOD is not working.

Tony ProanoApr 11 '12 at 02:10

If you say so! : )

Jody M.Apr 11 '12 at 02:10

This is definitely the most run-on sentence!

David LiuFeb 06 '16 at 02:21

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