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I have a problem with adjective use in the following example: “We got to this house, it was in terrible condition, the grass around the house was tall, inside there was dustiest, and dirty, first thing to the women clean inside the men outside, my brother Javier found a well out side, it was very dark, my Dad got a robe and a flash light, Dad tie the rope around the well my brother waist, then he climb down, there was a dead animal in the bottle of the well, lots of the water it was taken out, with buckets and, we could always use the well water for shower, after the well was clean, and the house, the rooms were divide, between three family, everybody move there belonging.”

asked Apr 03 '11 at 17:47 martiniano chapa New member

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“We got to this house. (new sentence) It was in terrible condition: the grass around the house was tall, and inside it was dusty and dirty. (new sentence) First, the women cleaned inside and the men outside. (new sentence) My brother, Javier, found a well outside. (new sentence) It was very dark. (new sentence) My dad got a robe and a flash light. (new sentence) Dad tied the rope around my brother's waist, then he climbed down. (new sentence) There was a dead animal in the bottom of the well. (new sentence) Lots of the water was taken out, with buckets. (new sentence) We could always use the well water for showering. (new sentence) After the well and the house were clean, the rooms were divided between three family members, and everybody moved their belongings.

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