Use of period and quotation marks


Does the period follow quotation marks?

asked Apr 09 '12 at 05:07 Diana Trageser New member

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I'm sorry to disagree, Tony, but your answer is incorrect! It can't be assumed that everyone who reads this page is an AmE user. I'm a BrE user. Rules are varied and like Lewis said, there's a write-up in Writing tips & tricks.


Basically, for me, the punctuation is within the quotes if it belongs to the quote, otherwise it's outside. But I think the AmE users prefer them inside.

link comment answered Apr 09 '12 at 22:47 A Clil To Climb Contributor

The period should be used inside of quotation marks.


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link comment answered Apr 09 '12 at 06:24 Tony Proano Expert

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