i need you to correct the grammars

See example:

As a result of this, each nurse should have a mobile computer that can be carried on, easily accessed, and reducing time nurse spent waiting for each others to document, logging others out before they can log in.
asked Feb 05 '14 at 20:25 Lucy Esenabhalu New member

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Hi Lucy,


I'm not sure what precedes the sentence that you gave, but it seems like you might want to drop the 'As a result of this' and word it this way:


Each nurse should carry a laptop for quick and easy access to vital information. This would greatly reduce the time each nurse must spend waiting for others to log in, document facts and log out before others can access the information.


If the previous sentence talks about the problems that you are encountering due to nurses having access to only one computer, you could start the sentence with "Therefore, each nurse.."


I hope this will be of help to you. I wholeheartedly agree that each nurse should have either a laptop or tablet!!! I used the word 'laptop' in my sentence but 'mobile computer' works too. Best of luck to you for your efforts!!


Karen   :D

link comment answered Feb 07 '14 at 23:19 Karen OKeefe Contributor

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