I am havign problem understanding my error


does any one have better idea

See example:

I am hoping to collaborate with you, and others students to successfully complete the DBA program long before the year 2022; I agree with you it is too long.
asked Feb 01 '14 at 00:53 Javier Zurita Chacon New member

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The preposition "with" has two objects "you" and "other students".


You do not put commas between two objects.

"with you and other students"


I would also add the pronoun "that" before my dependent clause though, admittedly, this is a personal preference and not a grammatical error as above:

"I agree with you that it is too long."


Side note:  Good semicolon.  Don't let any fool try to tell you that you used it incorrectly; it was a great use of the semicolon. (for exempli gratia, see supra)

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