Thanks, this is my San story, with the end.


The first Khoe-San peoples of South Africa lived in a spiritually blessed Eden. Children’s only role was to laugh and play. The women folk were highly respected. Men walked and hunted all day. When it was necessary to kill an animal, the Khoe-San would sacrifice their apologies to the animal. Their healthy lifestyles in sync with all living beings around them.

Strange people from all over the world arrived and started to take over their land, the wild animals, erecting fences. The intruders spread disease,  plundering the resources of the land.

Forcing the children of the veld to farm with cattle, live in mundane, cramped, septic settlements, to work on farms. To loose freedom.

With every decade, all these loud strangers remained, nature started dwindling more. The Khoe-San saw with their own eyes the toxification of water. Regarded by the Khoe-San as the most valuable thing in their lives. The trampling of land, the diminishing numbers of the wild, now just like them being fenced in and hunted. Destruction of what was once free plains to roam in, with build up monstrosities called houses, towns and cities.

The ancient people grew weary, sad, and silent.  

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