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In the sentence, "Does the federal government have a right to regulate what we can eat?", would "have" or "has" be grammadically correct? I do understand 'federal government' is singular, but "has" just doesn't sound right.

Please help me.

See example:

From these arguments, the question emerges; does the federal government have a right to regulate what we, as Americans, can eat?
asked Jan 26 '14 at 23:34 Jeremy Flood New member

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The reason you use have is because you used an interrogative sentence:

"Does the government have...?"


If you used an affirmative sentence you would indeed use has:

"The government has..."


Have is reflexive of the verb "does" not the subject "government".


Similarly, you will do this with all singular subjects when forming an interrogative sentence:

"Does the boy have...?" (not has)

"The boy has..."


"Does Wal-mart have...?" (not has)

"Wal-mart has..."


And so on.


Hope this helps.

link comment answered Jan 26 '14 at 23:41 Aaron Prejean Expert

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