the gerund


I know we should rewrite some letters at the end of the words but I don't know exact rule for there is special rule or not? and if there isn't any how we can recognize the places we should rewrite the letters?

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The important part of gerunds is knowing your noun functions.


This is a fundamental tenet of our language and is applies across many aspects of grammar:  noun clauses, infinitives, gerunds, etc.


These are the most important 5:


Direct Object

Indirect Object

Object of a Preposition

Predicate Nominative


Allow me to illustrate a gerund taking a few of the functions above:

Running is awesome.  (What is awesome? Running=subject=gerund)

I hate running. (I hate what? Running = direct object=gerund)

I am tired from running. (from what? Running=object of a preposition=gerund)


The problem many grammar students have is that they confuse gerund phrases and participial phrases.

Remember, gerund phrases act as nouns and participial phrases act as adjectives.

This is why you MUST know your noun functions to be able to correctly label gerunds:



Aaron, running down the hall, fell flat on his face.

       (running down the hall)=describing Aaron=adjective=Participial Phrase

Running down the hall is awesome.

       (Running down the hall)=subject of sentence=noun=Gerund Phrase

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What letters are you refering to ,exactly ?


if you're asking about ( -ing , -ed , ....etc ) then it depends on a tense

if ( -ly ...) it's an adverb



Am I on my way now for answering your question ?or you may like to define what you really mean about those letters you're so referring to upthere ?

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