Question about tenses in a text.


Hello, I would like an expert opinion on this text, yes I know the phrasing and the ideeas are messed up, I wanna know if the verbs are at the correct tense as a whole, per sentence, thanks.


Which one of the boys did you thought would confess that he saw you stealing the red carpet that has been in the attic for forty-four years? What did you thought the school principal would say when he would be told what you had done, after you would have hidden the carpet in the basement? You would wish you hadn't done it, right? Wouldn't you want to be innocent? You weren't expecting that the doorman would tell you when you see each other that, if you wouldn't had proven yourself to be a thief, his daughter would now be your wife, didn't you? I just decided that, if we will ever see each other again, I will never ask you when you'll pay me a visit, or if you would have visited me last year if you would've known that I also have a red carpet in my attic.

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