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The film leads the viewer through the struggles that Erin encounters while investigating PG&E; and learning that they had dumped a highly dangerous type of Hexavalent Chromium into ground water that affected the small town of Hinkley California, She attempts to talk to the residents in the Hinkley area some are resistant to her, while others seek her out after hearing of the findings, it is obvious she has deep compassion for the families that have suffered illnesses due to the negligence of PG&E;, she reflects on her own family and how she would feel if they had been exposed to tainted water, she is finally able to convince the townspeople of Hinkley that it would be to their best interest if they were willing to file a class action lawsuit against PG&E;, the residents did indeed join and fight PG&E; and won a $333 Million dollar lawsuit, at the time it was the largest of its kind.
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