Confused with questions in the past!


I've learnt that we use did + subject + infinitive for questions in the past simple, e.g. Did you play tennis yesterday? Or for the verb 'to be' we just use inversion, e.g. Were you tired yesterday? Or for Wh+ questions, we just add the question word(wh+ word) + did + subject + infinitive, e.g. When did you last play tennis? So, I was very confused when trying to understand the construction/formation of this question: When was the last time you played tennis? Why is 'was' and 'played' in the past?! Please help, I'm so confused with English questions!! Thanks.

past questions tobe Structure asked Jan 20 '14 at 21:58 Murphy New member

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Do/Does/Did +Subject +present form of the action word?

Were/was +Subject + Adjective/Main verb +Ing?


Did you play tennis? Here play is a base verb used after the subject "You"

Were you tired? Here tired is an adjective. 

Were you playing tennis? This sentence is in the past continuous tense.

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