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I think this program is an excellent addition to my Word2010 program.  However, it is so comprehensive that it is hard to control for a person who has only a rudimentary skill set with computers.  I use the computer as a sophisticated word processor exclusively.  I wanted this program to proofread my work offer editing suggestions.  Grammarly does too much, and I get lost as to where and what it is suggesting.  If I have a novel, and I want to proofread and edit the book with the help of this program, I would want to do it a paragraph at a time.  If I cannot do it in that fashion, then the program, albeit excellent, does not meet my needs.  I hope you can offer suggestions where I can use this program in small segments instead of entire documents all at once.

asked Jan 18 '14 at 21:03 robert michael mckenna New member

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