Is this sentence correct? (Use of "more" )


Bring us to a closer and more abiding relationship with Jesus.

asked Jan 17 '14 at 02:57 Susan Contributor

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Are you asking to be led to this relationship or are you requesting that it be brought to you?


If you don't understand what I mean, then remove your modifiers inside of the prepositional phrase:


"Bring us to a relationship with Jesus."  (lead us there)

Bring what? us = direct object

to a relationship = prep phrase acting as an adverb to say where you are being led.


"Bring us a relationship with Jesus."  (give us a relationship)

Bring what? a relationship = direct object

to? us = indirect object


Both are correct, given your preferred meaning.

Your modifiers are acceptable and optional.


Use of "more".

Acceptable to qualify the participle "abiding" which is acting as an adjective to describe the relationship.

Personal preference:  I think "enduring" would be a better synonymous participle for your sentence:

"...a more enduring relationship..."

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