which verb ?


which sentence is correct?‎
Speed of the particles is measured.‎
Speed of the particles are measured.‎

speed is uncountable and we should use a singular verb for it. However we have "particles" that is ‎plural. Which verb should I use, singular or plural?‎

asked Jan 16 '14 at 18:51 Delak New member

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Patty is quite correct.



I do want to mention, however, why this is confusing you:

"particles" is plural and comes in front of your verb--this is why you want to use the plural verb "are" instead of the singular verb "is".


Patty is quite correct that "speed" is the subject, not particles.

As a student, the thing you need to understand is that "of the particles" is a prepositional phrase.

A prepositional phrase can never serve as your subject.

This is how you knew that the singular subject "speed" is the correct noun for agreement.



More examples that would confuse you:

One [of the girl scouts] is selling cookies.

               (singular "one", not plural "scouts"; hence, singular "is", not plural "are")

The dude [in the tight pants] is awesome.

               (singular "dude", not plural "pants"; hence, singular "is", not plural "are")


and so on.

link comment answered Jan 17 '14 at 02:36 Aaron Prejean Expert

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