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Do we need to capitalzie all the 1st letters within a heading?

See example:

The link between obesity and Type 2 diabetes
asked Apr 04 '12 at 09:06 Mona Awadh New member

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It is not really required. Capitalising the first letter of the heading is enough but if you do as you wish there is no grammatical rule against it.

Such patterns are followed to make it  more attractive.

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This is a matter of Style, not Grammar. And Rahul said, the rules of grammar does not require any other capitalization. But the "rules" of Style -- or your teacher -- may require something more.


There is something called Title Case that is commonly used for headings, chapter titles, other book and paper titles. In Title Case, you capitalize the first word AND all other words EXCEPT prepositions  and conjunctions. 


"The Link between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes"


Ask your teacher which style is preferred for your class. If none is required, pick one and follow it. From the nature of your sample, either the AMA (American Medical Association) or MLA (Modern Language Association) style manuals would fit.

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