Wordy Sentence?


"I believe the stress management skills and many otherr experiences that I accumulated through work will be a great asset for my future research and work."


Grammarly check indicated it is a wordy sentence. I have difficulty to edit it. Thank you for your help.

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Hmmmmmm.... try some fancy punctuation!


"I believe that stress management skills, among other learning experiences that I have been exposed to through my work, will be a great asset for my future research projects and employments."


Try putting that in and see if it still says it is wordy--note that I even added some more wordiness!


Note 1: I keep sentences like this as close to the original as possible to assist people in seeing their errors.

Note 2: I do think that this sentence is too wordy and self-aggrandizing for such mundane skills as you are listing within it.

Note 3: HEYO!

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Thank you Aaron!

AQJan 17 '14 at 23:49

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