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After having had a miday meal, I tried to pay the check, but my wallet was possibly taken because I could not find it.

Now my friend will have to pay the check, because my wallet is lost with my money and some of my documents.

See example:

She paid the bill, and we went back to her apt, which was located in an old part of Madrid, it was a one bedroom apt with a small living room area, which she had decorated with beautiful silk golden curtains, with a purple moiré fabric sleeping couch that adorn the living room, in which I slept very comfortable during the two weeks I was there.
asked Apr 04 '12 at 01:02 Ana M Pena New member

Jeff, I appreciate your help, and I was able to see it in a better interpretation.Thanks, Ana

Ana M PenaApr 04 '12 at 14:01

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