Word usage--good, qualitative, privileged.


"Reading good magazines is a good way to imporve writing. " Could I use privileged or qualitative to substitute good to avoid using good too many times? Thank you. 

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I don't think these alternatives fit the prose you are using.


You don't describe the thing you want them to read "good" and then qualify why by saying it is "qualitative" or "privileged".


A more appropriate alternative would be:

"Reading good magazines is an excellent way to improve writing."


Also, I don't think you understand the words you desire to use.

For example, qualitative is usually used in contrast to quantitative.

Eg--read for quality, not quantity.

However, since you are talking about reading magazines, I would argue that you are promoting quantitative reading to improve writing and not qualitative reading.

Eg--read a lot things you love instead of spending a lot of time trying to decipher Shakespeare.

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:=) You are a great teacher! Thank you.

AQJan 17 '14 at 23:52

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