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1-My interest for this study was particularly caused by one aspect, particularly………..;Invention of Electroencephalography was one of the turning points in understanding mechanism of Brain Functioning.The whole charm of this method is in the word  “Noninvasive’’. Scientists, without going through spiritual sufferings because of causing pain to other livingbeings in the name of science , had the possibility  to carry out fundamental experiments that now serve as foundation for Neuroscience and Neurology.But still this techology has some drawbacks, like in microscope what we have as a result is past, we cant forecast any pathology that can take place after tow or more years.This is componsated by fMRI that gives the  possibility to predict some diseases by coreectly anlyzing statistical basis.Thats why I have decided to learn more about this issue and in I am registered for…..;I have been preparing for this course since summer. As I have not learned the Biostatistics subject at my university yet, I took some online courses to be in good shape for this course. It is very important for me,if I have the possibility apart from theoretical knowledge to acquire practical and technical skills of working with Electroencephalography and fMRI.

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