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Is it: was or were on the following questions:

1.Jack hesitated knowing that if he was/were wrong he would be putting himself out there.

2.And for once neither of the kids was/were crying or whining, and that gave all a rare reprieve.

3.Special Agent Todd yawned, rubbed his eyes, and wondered if he was/were hallucinating as Lance sprinted across the parking lot and jumped into his Cadillac Escalade.

4.She laughed and continued talking to the phone as if Jernigan were sitting in the seat next to her.

5.Pete Bartulis had only been a name up to this point, and though the house looked deserted, what if he was/were really in there?

6.She started tapping her feet on the floor, and waving her hands above her head as if she was/were trying to dance in the car.

     7."It better be good news Hackett."
     Silence for a second or two before Hackett said, "I wish it was/were sir.

8.  After a minute he opened his eyes and looked at Rachel who was wide awake now, and staring at him as if he was/were an alien.

9.      Pete grabbed two beers from the fridge, held them up as if he was/were inspecting them, and hollered across the room to Lupo, who was sitting at the kitchen table, "You ready Mikey?"

10.      The clouds were dancing around the moon flashing various degrees of light against the landscape as if a child was/were playing with a dimmer switch.

11.    Lupo stared back as if Jack was/were speaking a foreign language.

12. Instead of the usual sporadic talk between employees, there was a constant, and irritating babble, as if every person in the building was/were talking at the same time.

13. Heilman froze.  It was as if Jernigan was/were speaking a foreign language.

14. and the joy on his face made Megan’s heart labor as if she was/were running a marathon.

15. "What if I was/were to say that I can’t take my eyes off of you and I don’t know why."

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