dont take my book without ask. is this sentence right or wrong


dont take my book without ask. is this a right sentence or wrong

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I am not sure whether ''without'' is a preposition or not. Nevertheless, I have asked a question like that to one of my teachers before and I was told that after ''without'' we must use a gerud form. Therefore, the sentence would be '' Do not take my book without asking''. but again although I use this gerund form when I am writting, it does not mean that this is the correct usage of this form. I am not sure whether this is the correct form or not. You can look it up on a prepositions list and see if ''without'' is a preposition if so, you must use a gerund form.

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here's a short list of prepositions and you can also look up the gerund forms on this page I hope this helps.. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Wrong - on many counts.


Some notes:


-Capitalize the first letter of the sentence.

-Use an apostrophe in "don't" or spell it out "do not".

-Your word "ask" should be "asking" instead.

-There should be two spaces after your period at the end the first sentence.

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