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Please suggest me a book which is easily understandable to improve my grammar.

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Do you really need to study grammar to become fluent? Here are  some of the tips to gain mastery over grammar rules. 


In fact, almost everyone makes some mistake or other -- at some time or other. This is a fact. Most advanced learners do. Even expert-level users of English sometimes do. Yes, almost everyone tends to make mistakes. This happens especially when they use words and word groups in particular contexts. Only, some people make fewer mistakes, and others, more.


Do you know why you should train your ears? Because you see, no matter how often you’ve read a group of words, and no matter how often you’ve written it, there’s still a problem: Your tongue and mouth would hesitate to produce in speech the sound combinations it contains. Your mind will fight shy of the sound combinations, too.


And when will you be able to break free of this hesitation? Not until those sound combinations have stopped sounding strange to your ears. And when will they stop sounding strange? Only when you’ve let your ears hear them said through your own mouth often enough. Yes, often enough, and not once in a while. And this is only possible if you do oral practice with word groups of different types: Not with just any word groups whatever, but with word groups that contain the kind of sound combinations that are essential.



I would suggest to you not to study grammar rules. Learning grammar is only one part of the language learning. In my opinion,  no grammar books will make anyone speak or write excellent English.  If you want to improve your grammar, please read as many easy novels as you can.  The best novels I would recommend to you  are James Hadley Chase, R.K. Narayan and Goose Bumps. 

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Okay that's great, I wil start reading novels

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