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My experience as a facilitator was stimulating. My goal was to learn to speak up, when I had something to say I said it. I was surprised of myself. I had experience in leading groups for four years as a teacher what helped me in achieving the goal. Here in this class, I had to adapt to a new leadership style –from telling to participating. I was concerned at the beginning, that I could enforce my ideas, because of my age and experience, therefore I became reluctant. Another factor that hindered my learning was my perfectionism. I am always thinking that my English is not good enough to express myself in the best way. When I facilitated the group I was not surprised, because I was prepared I knew what to do, and I knew the people already. I learned about myself that I became unenthusiastic to participate when there is unclear, vague task and goal. For the first time, when I received the peer evaluation, which was not undeniably positive, I discovered for myself that I was not frustrated. Each member has a different perception of myself, and it is not up to me, it is up to how he(she) sees the world.

3.My smart goal was to speak up and I attained it. The turning point was Jordanna, when she told me that I do not have enough power in the group, and I was not sure of what I say and think. It made me realise that I have to be more assertive and vocal. I came prepared each class, so that I could support my arguments with what I learned and boost my power. After a discussion with group members, I realised that everyone has fears and makes mistakes. Even though some members had seen me as a blocker , I was not afraid of speaking up, because of their feedback. I became changing as the group move forward and accomplished my goal for three months. Every time we had a session, I received constructive feedback from my group members or kept in touch on facebook. I felt I was not loved, but respected of my group members for the courage to speak up and say my truth. If I did not say a word, everything would stay the same way.

4. I realised that successful working in groups takes time and energy. It needs preparation and knowledge about the group process, before jumping to the task. A group is a sum of people, and each person can affect the group in a smaller or in a bigger way. The overall group’s productivity and cohesion is a product of its members and the facilitator’s contribution. The more they are prepared, the better the group evolved over time. I also learned that if there are people who are not willing to contribute to the group work , but for their individual interests, there is no way to convince them to stay in the group.

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I became changing as the group move forward and accomplished my goal for three months.
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