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I am writing a song. The lyric starts:


The explosion blew our Humvee of the track.

We lost Harold and Sylvester falling back.


Is the second line grammmatically correct? The word 'falling' is a participle but it is separated from the subject, which in many cases is confusing. 


The meaning in this case seems pretty clear - that we, as a group of soldiers, were falling back to defensive positions and lost our two comrades in the process. But it could be construed that we lost Harold and Sylvester while they were falling back, although if that was the intended meaning, the sentence would be seriously flawed.


I undertand that these would both have better sentence structure:

Falling back, we lost Harold and Sylvester.

We lost Harold and Sylvester while falling back.


But I am writing lyrics, and due to matters of rhythm and meter, I don't have those options. My question is, is the sentence incorrectly structured, or just imperfectly structured?

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