How can I avoid Passive Voice in this phrase?


As far as I can tell this is worded correctly, but I keep getting a message that the final sentence is PASSIVE...but how do I change it?


There was never any formal investigation conducted. According to official documents, the entire crew evacuated safely. All hands were accounted for.

asked Apr 02 '12 at 09:09 Tony Proano Expert

The subject in the first sentence is implied... "There was never any formal investigation conducted [by anyone]." Change it to a sentence with a contextual subject, and then combine the three simple sentences into something less elemantary: "Officials never conducted a formal investigation, but the entire crew evacuated safely, and all hands were accounted for."

David NollerApr 02 '12 at 13:18

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Passive voice is not a grammatical error.  Sometimes, a sentence is structured in a way that has the subject receiving the verb's action instead of performing it.  Other times, like your sentences, the subject is left out of the sentence.  (Your first sentence doesn't have a subject performing the action either.) 

The cup was smashed.  Passive voice without an actor.

The cup was smashed by Sam.  Passive voice with the actor receiving the action.

Sam smashed the cup.  Active voice.


Officials never conducted a formal investigation.  (I don't know if Officials is appropriate for your sentence.  I used it as an example.)


I'm not sure you even need the last sentence.  It seems to go without saying since the previous sentence states that the entire crew evacuated safely

link comment answered Apr 02 '12 at 11:51 Jody M. Expert

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