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When assisting clients, our agents use the help of a script with certain canned responses. I would like to share one such response and confirm if it has a negative or positive implication when pitched to a reader or listener from a customer service perspective or just in general.


"We can certainly try and assist you with this"


Argument is that some say it tends to have a negative implication due to the word "TRY" as it creates a doubt in the readers mind about whether they can be assisted or not.


Similarly some say it’s positive, giving hope to the listener or reader that they will be assisted. 

The purpose of the sentence is to act as a neutral statement in a situation where the agent is not a 100% sure if they can assist the client with their query or not.


Kindly confirm or just give your point of view on whether the sentence is a positive one or negative one towards the listener/reader.



asked Dec 26 '13 at 01:15 Sarmad New member

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