Is this correct?


is the comma after the "High hopes" okay? The grammar checker is telling me to place a semicolon there.

See example:

I have high hopes, many goals to reach and aspire to be the best.
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It is trying to turn your series into a compound sentence owing to the fact it does not have a logical sequence:


I have A, B, and C.


Read your list one item at a time:

"I have high hopes" = A = Good

"I have many goals to reach" = B = Good

"I have aspire to be the best" = C = not parallel and not sequentially logical.


And if you wondered, grammatically, what you did wrong:

"have" is working as a transitive verb.

Your list is a list of nouns fuctioning as compound objects.

An easy correlary example would be:

"I have apples, oranges, and bananas."

What you did took the last noun and turned it into a verb, so it would be like saying:

"I have apples, oranges, and aspire to eat a banana."

Now you have two verbs when you should have one:

"I have aspire to eat bananas."


To fix this issue, use parallelism and three nouns instead of two nouns and a verb:

An example of a way you could write this without it flagging you:

"I have high hopes, goals, and aspirations."

Try it out; it won't flag you.

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Great explanation.

Lewis NeidhardtDec 23 '13 at 17:33

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