Does this sentence need a comma?


My husband and I disagree about whether or not this sentence needs a comma:


She's very interested in animals with a particular affinity for dogs. 


She's very interested in animals, with a particular affinity for dogs. 


Thank you for your opinions and help!

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Comma rules can be tricky with prepositional phrases and adjust based on length, usage, and presentation.


There are several reasons that you should use a comma:

(1) It is a particularly long prepositional phrase.

(2) It has the same usage as that of a parenthetical expression (it can be removed without obfuscating meaning).

(3) It is being separated from the word it modifies by another prepositional phrase (it is modifying "interest" adverbially, and not adjectivally modifying "animals")

(4) It could obfuscate the meaning of the sentence if it is NOT separated by commas: (Is she only interested in animals which show affinities for dogs? ;)            )


These concepts lead to one overwhelming conclusion:  Separate it with commas.

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