Document was issued? or has been issued?


Hi, I am writing an email to notify my client about "Engineering document issue"

Then I was thinking to write like..


Following document "was issued" to our document control system.


The situation is I uploaded that document just 1n hour ago.


Is "was issued" suitable for this situation?

or "has been issued" is correct?


Please let me know the proper usage.

asked Dec 18 '13 at 03:34 obpa58 New member

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Your question is "Should I use Past Tense or Past Perfect Tense?"


The only correct answer an expert can give is, "We need to see the entire sentence, Obpa58."


You use past perfert tense when event (A) has been done and completed before event (B).


"The document has been issued for five hours."

The point of this statement is to state that event (A) [the issuing of the document] was completed five hours before event (B) [current correspondence].

The time disparity between completed event A and current event B is the purpose of this statement.


Simple past tense just shows a past event:

"The document was issued five hours ago."

The focus is simply on event (A), and not the completion of event (A) in comparison to event (B).


Another quick example:

Boss: "You're late."

Employee: "I was here an hour ago."

(Focus is on past event.)


Boss: "You're late."

Employee: "I have been here for an hour."

(Focus is on completion of event A in relation to event B.)

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