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When I was about 9 0r 11 years old, my mother sent me to borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbor.  The neighbor, Mrs. Major Bell, told me to tell my mother that she was out of sugar.    The only reply I knew to saywas thank you, and thank you was not an option.  I knew I had to say something to Mrs. Major Bell before I turned around and walked out of her house.  So I said, "Well, thank you for nothing." 

  She followed me to my house and told my mother I got smart/sassy with her.  I tried to explain to my mother that she did not give me any sugar, and I could not tell her thanks, and I wanted to be nice so that why I told her 'thanks for nothing.'   To this day, fifty plus years later, I do not know why I got an whipping for my reply.

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